Meet Gurbir Nijjar

I would like to thank all my supporters in this run for City Council. We did not achieve the goal but have learned and grown along this journey. 
I will continue to work to help make this city the best it can possibly be. 
Thank you again and be well. 

Meet Gurbir Nijjar

I would like to thank all my supporters in this run for City Council. We did not achieve the goal but have learned and grown along this journey. 
I will continue to work to help make this city the best it can possibly be. 
Thank you again and be well. 


Election Day is in:


Advance polls are open October 04 - 10

Many years have passed with the same ideas and approach to our city. With a slowing economy, rising taxes and uncertainty in future investment all during a global pandemic, City Hall is losing touch with what we care about most.

Working for a municipality in roles that require me to actively engage with residents, associations, council and committees, I have first hand experience in the areas of planning, development, recreation, parks and community social services. These assets will serve the residents of Ward 3 well at the council table.

Calgary has always offered the opportunity to build a great life backed by housing affordability and access to well paid jobs; a place built on the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work of its residents.

With rising taxes and lack of a true plan to address it, the time for change is now.


Calgary has always been about community; however, few are the days we see groups of kids riding bikes up the street or join in the odd game of street hockey or basketball. I was one of those kids but Calgary is slowly losing its sense of community. Many post secondary graduates are leaving our city; not flocking to this once thriving and active community, like I once did.

As a parent, husband and professional, my goal is to leave this place better than I found it; for our children and for those who will come to call Calgary home.


A Calgarian, Gurbir moved to the city over a decade ago to pursue a career in engineering. His spouse Amreet and children Nihaal and Sahej are born in Calgary with Amreet serving as an emergency room nurse at the Peter Lougheed Centre for over 15 years. An avid skier, hiker, sports enthusiast and fan of urban culture, Gurbir enjoys spending time with his family, friends, colleagues and dog, Rosco.


A professional engineer in the province of Alberta, Gurbir has continuing education in the fields of land development and local governance. His career began in the energy sector working in downtown Calgary and oil fields near Fort McMurray, AB. After being laid off in 2013, he pursued a career in local government where he soon discovered the true importance and impact of community development.

Gurbir has held many roles most recently managing the engineering, recreation and social services teams for Calgary’s neighboring municipality, Rocky View County. He is currently the manager of Planning & Development Services leading a team of over 30 professional planners, engineers, administrators and officers of the organization.

His greatest assets are not his experiences or knowledge but his abilities as a passionate leader and communicator; an influencer who brings the best out of those around him.

Gurbir listens first, asking questions to gain the perspective of others. His municipal experience, knowledge and genuine care to make a difference in the lives of others has led him to this opportunity.


City hall has lost sight of the real issues impacting Calgarians.

Calgary has historically benefited from a strong economy and job market all backed by investment in the energy sector. With unstable oil prices and declining property values paired with a global shift towards renewable and greener energy, access to stable jobs and revenue is limited.

We must determine which public services and initiatives we consider core today and explore where our tax dollars are best deployed to help our city recover and grow.

We need to stretch every dollar to the maximum to maintain predictable and justifiable taxes for our residents and businesses.

Calgary is an incredible place to live, work, play and invest. Let’s get Calgary back on track.

Backing our residents and businesses. We are in tough times.

During times of growth, it is easy to focus on short term priorities. With the state of the economy, we need to find solutions that best support our residents and businesses now and well into the future while continuing to attract new investment.

Attracting new business is integral to job creation and keeping our taxes low.

Coming out of the pandemic, City Hall’s role in supporting our residents, businesses and economy is critical. We need to make strategic investments that best support aging communities while unlocking new growth potential in our city. We need to better promote Calgary on a national and international level; attracting new industries, jobs and residents to our city.

Safe & healthy communities.

The pandemic has been hard on us. 

It not only heightened the level of crime, theft and angst in our communities, it increased awareness of mental health on our well being.

 The city needs to do its part to keep people safe and restore a sense of security in our communities. We need to re-evaluate the focus of our emergency services and provide them with the right resources to keep our city safe.

Recreation is vital to the health and well-being of our communities; we need to work collaboratively with our residents and service providers to continue to enhance, grow and deliver new recreational opportunities within our community. We need to work with our residents and provide them with the services and amenities they need to live their best life.


Ward 3 is one voice of 15 at the council table. I commit to collaboratively working alongside my council peers to push this platform forward.

Keeping taxes steady and predictable

  • Evaluate to eliminate unnecessary spending at City Hall while focusing on the initiatives that matter most

  • Continue to attract new investment and responsible growth to Calgary

  • Support strategic investments in areas such as transit (Green Line/BRT improvements) and infrastructure to enhance our aging communities while unlocking new growth potential

  • Put forward policy that addresses fiscal responsibility and new sources of revenue

  • Back policy that considers the marketability and feasibility of new development to capitalize on previous investments made by the city

Supporting our residents and businesses coming out of this pandemic

  • Evaluate to spend wisely to stabilize, not excessively increase, property taxes

  • Evaluate to eliminate red tape and redundancy in an effort to enhance the city’s business and resident friendly environment

  • Consider additional relief measures such as tax deferrals, credits, grants and reduction/waiver of fees

  • Provide resources and connections to those who need it most.

Helping restore a sense of community and safety.

  • Work with our community associations and service providers to enhance and expand recreational opportunities for our residents


  • Evaluate the focus of emergency services in our communities today and determine the type of resources they need to continue to keep our city safe


  • Implement the recommendations of the Calgary Mental Health & Addiction Community Strategy and Action Plan


Ward 3 Communities

Carrington | Country Hills | Country Hills Village | Coventry Hills | Hanson Ranch | Harvest Hills | Hidden Valley | Livingston | MacEwan Glen | Panorama Hills | Sandstone Valley


What is important to you? What can we do to improve our communities and city?




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